Install Misters and Fog Systems to Escape the Heat!

Misting Masters is a Premier Misting Company in Phoenix, AZ

Misters installed on a canvas overhang of an outdoor restaurant

At Misting Masters, we are a premier misting company specializing in misters for residential and commercial applications in Phoenix, AZ. Conveniently located at 6735 East University Drive, Mesa, AZ, just 18.9 miles from Phoenix, we provide top-notch misting system installation services to our valued clients.

Our expertise lies in our residential and commercial misting system installation, which allows you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces even in the blistering Arizona heat.

We also offer home misting systems. These systems are perfect for keeping your patios, decks, and pool areas cool and comfortable, improving your home’s outdoor living experience.

We specialize in fog systems in addition to misting systems. These systems create a beautiful, mystic ambiance, enhancing outdoor aesthetics while providing cooling benefits.

At Misting Masters, we are your trusted misting company in Phoenix, AZ, committed to ensuring your outdoor spaces remain cool and comfortable.

Our Misting Systems Near Phoenix, AZ

  • Commercial Misting System: Our commercial misting systems are designed to provide a cool and comfortable environment for your customers and employees. These systems are perfect for restaurants, resorts, and other outdoor venues.

  • Outdoor Misting System: We provide outdoor misting systems and offer professional installation services. Our team is skilled and experienced in installing outdoor misters effectively and efficiently.

  • Residential Misting System: Our home misting systems are designed to enhance your outdoor living experience. These systems keep outdoor spaces cool, allowing you to enjoy your patios, decks, and pool areas despite the heat.

  • Fog Systems: Our fog systems are designed to create a beautiful and mystic ambiance for your outdoor spaces. These systems enhance your outdoor aesthetics while providing cooling benefits.

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What is a commercial misting system?

A commercial misting system is a cooling solution for commercial establishments like restaurants, resorts, and event venues. It helps maintain a comfortable outdoor environment for customers and employees.

What is a residential misting system?

It is a cooling solution designed for home use. It helps keep outdoor living spaces like patios, decks, and pool areas cool and comfortable.

What kind of maintenance does a misting system require?

Misting systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance, including cleaning the nozzles, checking the filters, and inspecting the system for leaks or damage.

What are the benefits of installing a misting system?

Installing a misting system can provide numerous benefits. It can create a comfortable outdoor environment, enhance your outdoor living experience, increase the use of your outdoor spaces, and provide aesthetic appeal.