Install Misters and Fog Systems to Escape the Heat!

Your Reliable Local Misting Company in Mesa, AZ

Misters installed on a canvas overhang of an outdoor restaurant

Misting Masters, your local misting company in Mesa, AZ, is your go-to solution for efficient and reliable misting systems. Located at 6735 East University Drive, we specialize in residential & commercial misters. Our home misting systems are designed to keep your living spaces cool and refreshing, even in the intense Arizona heat. We take pride in installing outdoor misters, ensuring quality and longevity. Also, our fog systems cover a broad spectrum of needs, from cooling and dust control to special effects. Serving the greater Phoenix, AZ, area, Misting Masters is committed to delivering top-notch misting solutions to our valued customers.

Our Misting Systems In Mesa, AZ

  • Commercial Misting System: Our commercial misting systems are perfect for businesses in Mesa, AZ. These commercial misters are designed to provide a cool and comfortable environment for customers and clients.

  • Outdoor Misting System: We specialize in installing outdoor misters. Our outdoor misting systems are perfect for patios, pool areas, and other outdoor spaces, providing a cool and refreshing environment.

  • Residential Misting System: Our home misting systems are designed to provide a cool and comfortable environment around your home during hot weather. These systems can be installed in various house areas to ensure a cool temperature.

  • Fog Systems: Our fog systems are versatile and efficient, serving multiple purposes, from creating a cool environment to controlling dust and adding special effects for events.

For more information on our services or to get a free quote, please feel free to contact us at 480-898-3421.


What is a misting system?

A misting system is a cooling device that forces water through a high-pressure pump and nozzle, creating a fine mist or fog. These tiny water droplets evaporate quickly and lower the surrounding air temperature, providing a refreshing and comfortable environment.

How does a misting system work?

Misting systems work on the principle of evaporative cooling. When the high-pressure pump forces water through the specially designed nozzles, it creates a fine mist.

Where can misting systems be installed?

Misting systems can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. They are commonly used in patios, pool areas, gardens, and other outdoor spaces in residential settings. In commercial settings, they are often installed in restaurants, resorts, and other outdoor venues.

Are misting systems energy efficient?

Yes, they are. They use significantly less energy than traditional air conditioning systems, making them an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.